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To children, play is the most important word in their vocabulary - for, as they play, they learn. Through quality and regulated play activities, children gather valuable information and develop critical skills that will support academic success. Our environment is set up in a manner that gives these independent explorers the freedom to gather facts and information in a setting that is consistent, safe and engaging. Our nursery has only safe, age appropriate materials that will keep children interested in their learning.

Golden Beach Nursery is not all about play only. Our qualified teachers have a specific aim to develop your child emotionally, mentally and physically to prepare for the challenges of growing up and higher education. Our play activities have therefore been designed to develop reading and pre-math skills, as well as build social skills and self-confidence in an enriching, trusting environment. Our teachers work with children to use hands-on learning experiences to build upon their knowledge base, challenge children's thinking, reasoning, and develop their love for learning.

We accept children from 9 Months- 4 and the half years of age.